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Tarjeta de Fibra Optica LSI Logic LSI7202EP Dual 2GB Fibre Channel PCIe 2.0 x8 NIC 03-00103-01D

$89.000 CLP

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* Auto-speed (1 and 2Gb/s)*
Includes SFP optics*
PCI Express x8 lanes*
Over 200,000 I/Os per second* Link speed/activity LED(s)*
End-to-end data integrity (T10 DIF support)* FCP-2 tape support*
Persistent binding, LUN masking*
Loopback and read/write buffer tests*
SCSI initiator, target, and initiator/target modes with support of 126 alias ALPAs*
Connect directly to RAID, disk or switch equipment*
ARM® CPUs for Fibre Channel offload* Supports bootable devices*
Accepts all major operating system drivers*
Fusion-MPT™ compliant single